Dental Technology

We offer state-of-the-art dental technology in Virginia Beach, Va. 

At Waterman Family Dentistry, we’ve offered the latest dental technology to Virginia Beach, VA residents for nearly ten years. We provide full-service dental care and oral health solutions.

Dental technology has come a long way over the years. Advances in scanning and X-ray technology allow dentists to see teeth and the surrounding bone and soft tissue more clearly than ever before, allowing them to offer superior dental care.

CT Scans

CT scans, also known as dental cone beam computed tomography, are specialized digital X-rays that are taken by machines that revolve around a patient’s head.

They provide dentists with 3-D images that give more detailed information about teeth and bones than regular 2-D X-rays. CT scans produce much clearer pictures than regular X-rays and allow dentists to see nerve pathways and gum tissue. Both of which aren’t visible on an X-ray.

This technology is only used when necessary and is particularly helpful for procedures such as dental implants or to see how abnormal tooth growth is progressing. CT scans can accurately diagnose root canal problems, dental decay, and the results of dental trauma. They also speed up diagnoses, enabling treatment to begin quickly.

As early detection and treatment are vital in preventing further damage in almost all dental conditions, the speed and accuracy of CT scans have revolutionized preventive dental care.

3D Digital Scanners

The digital scanner is another game-changing diagnostic technology. Using a toothbrush-sized intraoral camera—a camera that takes pictures from within a patient’s mouth—a dentist can see surfaces of teeth that were previously hidden. The digital scanner has zoom and panoramic lens capabilities that far eclipse the mirror dentists previously relied on.

As the dentist probes the patient’s mouth with the digital scanner, a picture is transmitted to a monitor. The image can be enlarged and examined much more closely than a tooth could be with the naked eye. Digital images obtained without a 3D digital scanner can also be produced in 3D, allowing dentists to use older images to get a fuller picture of a patient’s dental health progression or changes in a certain tooth.

This advanced technology allows dentists to spot dental problems, such as decay and oral cancer, at very early stages, potentially making treatments more successful and less invasive. 3D digital tooth scans make cosmetic dentistry more precise and effective, too—from the fabrication of crowns and veneers to the fitting of braces.

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