Emergency Dental Service

Need an emergency dentist in Virginia Beach? Call our office at (757)-340-8155.

When facing dental emergencies, never hesitate to seek out quality care. Your smile could depend upon it! Emergency dental care can help eliminate pain and restore confidence in your smile.

If you need help with a dental emergency in Virginia Beach, our team at Waterman Family Dentistry is here for you. We can set you up with a hassle-free appointment at a time that is convenient for you, or we can see you immediately, depending on the severity of your tooth damage. We’ll let you know if we believe your situation requires immediate attention.

Quality Emergency Dental Services

Filling or Crown Repair

We can help repair lost fillings and damaged crowns. Dr. Waterman uses crowns and fillings to repair damage and cracking from cavities, tooth decay, and trauma.

Tooth Repair

In addition to repairing lost and damaged crowns and fillings, we can conservatively repair minor cracks and chips in one visit. We also offer care for knocked-out or broken teeth.

Dr. Waterman will first examine the severity of the damage. We can repair minor cracks and chips in one procedure, but more extensive damage may require more comprehensive care and additional visits.

Tooth Extraction

Another service we consider emergency dentistry are tooth extractions. In a tooth extraction procedure, we can take care of any damaged or decaying teeth that are beyond the help of a root canal. Tooth extraction can help prevent additional health issues that can arise as a result of decaying or damaged teeth, including gum disease.

Recovery from a tooth extraction procedure can take a few days. The best way to recover from a tooth extraction is to take any prescribed medications, use a cold compress to treat swelling, and avoid physical activity like playing sports.

Sports Related Injuries

We can treat and care for sports related injuries, prevent some with custom mouth guard/custom sports guard to protect teeth during all sports and potentially enhance performance.

When Should You Seek Out an Emergency Dentist?

Oral health should be a top priority. Our office is judgment-free, and we are ready to help any patient that comes through our door!

Contact our team at Waterman Family Dentistry today at (757)-340-8155 for any emergency in a calm and caring atmosphere in Virginia Beach, VA!